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Royal Childrens Hsopital Staff Walking
Royal Childrens Hsopital Staff Walking
Royal Childrens Hopsital Staff
Royal Childrens Hopsital Nurses
RCH Colourful Scrubs
Royal Childrens Hsopital Staff WalkingRoyal Childrens Hopsital StaffRoyal Childrens Hopsital NursesRCH Colourful Scrubs

The Royal Childrens Hospital in Melbourne has a long history of doing great work for the community. When the hospital was rebuilt the new design incorporated a lot of bright, welcoming colours to ensure the venue had a happy feeling.

Andrews Corporate Clothing were engaged to design, manufacture, and supply a range of medical scrubs that carried on this bright and cheerful design ethos. A range of comfortable and practical scrubs was made in a series of stunning colours that let staff show a bit of personality at work.

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