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5 Fashion Inspired Trends in Uniforms for 2019

1. Smart Casual

A gradual movement has been taking place in the corporate segment towards reinvigorating the look of staff who used to be dressed in a suit and tie every day. Companies are trying to rebrand themselves as cool and approachable and a implementing a ‘Smart Casual’ dress code in the workplace is an effective way to get staff to take this change to heart.

Suits have been replaced by separates – comfortable and colourful stretch chinos and chino skirts can be matched with casual or more formal upper garments for a wide range of looks.

2. Puffers

After a resurgence in fashion, bolstered by brands like Uniqlo, puffer jackets and vests are transitioning from the street to the workplace. Whilst they are seen as an insulated winter garment puffers can be filled differently to provide a lighter degree of insulation for comfort through spring/winter/autumn. Poly fill has replaced down in a lot of puffers and is not only a more ethical choice but a more cost effective one as well.

The best puffers you’ll see in the workforce are custom made. A bespoke solution allowing companies to use their own branding and colours throughout the entire garment for a look that cannot be achieved off the shelf.

3. Bold Accents

Bright colours are showing up more and more in fashion shows around the globe and young exciting brands are realizing its an opportunity to grab the public’s attention. Most corporate brands have a wide colour pallette and their secondary colours are now coming out of the spotlight to add some personality to their staff’s outfits.

Expect to see bright pops of colour in ladies tops, coloured belts, scarves and pocket squares, and on trims in garments like shirts and jackets.

4. Active Wear

Active Wear is no longer confined to the gym with it being spotted everywhere in the wild from cafes to supermarkets. Whilst it can be seen as a bit too casual for work, some items are making the transition from street to work.

Expect to see more styles of soft shell jackets and vest, and a lot of heathered tops throughout 2019, but we think the yoga pants will be left at home!

5. Ethical Sourcing

A strong focus on workplace practices has been in place for years now, but lately this has also involved a push for recycled or organic materials and local content. A recent push by the Victorian government to favour locally made products is in its early phases but may see an industry on its knees be brought back to life.

Long term suppliers have always provided a multitude of options for their clients so they can choose their uniforms to suit their values.

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